Sunday, 25 November 2012

Arthritis and Energy Medicine

Arthritis and Energy Medicine

Conventional medicine does not have cure for arthritis. In many cases surgery is the only choice the conventional medicine can offer to people suffering from arthritis. Various natural remedies can only reduce pain for some time but cannot heal it.

Can energy medicine help? A lot of energy medicine practitioners successfully heal arthritis. Here I present a case of a successful cure for arthritis.
Client, 63 years old female, suffered from arthritis of the knees for more than 5 years. Last year she walked with difficulty. After 3 body code sessions she had no pain in her knees. She woke up every morning without pain and she could walk without problems.

Body code is an energy medicine modality developed by Dr. Nelson. This modality is used to help people with different symptoms by releasing energy imbalances. In this case the imbalances included several heart wall emotions, moving some memories of past events to the back of the client’s aura, reconnecting some areas of physical body with Spirit and structural misalignment of sacral spine.

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