Thursday, 20 December 2012

Stress, Chronic Fatigue and Energy medicine

So, what is stress? Since Dr. Hence Selye, who is also called “The father of stress science”, was nominated for Nobel Prize a lot of other researchers added to that science.
Their common opinion is that stress opens the door for illnesses into your body. 

Stress is not just psychological issues as many people think and it is not just excess of stress hormones in your body. 

Physiological stress results from repetitive negative emotions, environmental pollution, toxins in your body, some chemical substances in food and medications. Stress-insulin chain includes organs, glands and brain structures such as Hypothalamus, Gall Bladder, Adrenals, The Blood-Brain Barrier, Tonsils, Amygdala and many others. If one of them is not balanced then it means that you have physiological stress with all its consequences. 

Can Energy Medicine help? YES.

And it does not take that long. Usually 3 to 5 Body Code sessions is enough to balance the stress-insulin chain and then you feel that some symptoms, such as fatigue, neck pain or back pain or anxiety or others, gone or significantly reduced.

Here are some cases:
Female, 37 years old, had symptoms: chronic fatigue, relationship issues with mother, depression, trust issues with husband. After 4 sessions client said that she does not feel fatigue every day as before, just sometimes, and fatigue level is much lower. Also her relationship with mother became good and with husband became much better.
Female, 63 years old, had pain in knees and felt fatigue every day starting after 2 pm. After 3 sessions both fatigue and pain in knees completely gone.
Female, 24 years old, came with chronic fatigue. After 5 Body code sessions her fatigue was gone completely as well as back pain.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Learning Disabilities and Energy Medicine

So, what learning disabilities are? 

Some parents say – my child has ADD (attention deficit disorder), some say my child has ADHD, some say my child just does not like math or history or some other subjects or my child does not want to go to school.

The truth is that all these are just symptoms and there are no magic pills that can resolve these symptoms. There are pills that can suppress symptoms of ADHD for example but they cannot cure underlying reasons that caused these symptoms. The truth is that every child wants to have good marks in school because that gives them respect from others, better self-esteem, feeling of safety, joy and happiness.

The truth is that every child can do well in school if somebody helps that child to heal reasons for lack of concentration, lack of reading comprehension, problems with memory and others. The truth is that underlying reasons usually are not chemistry level but on energy level and therefore they should be treated with energy medicine.

Here’s an example: 11 year old boy had definite symptoms of ADD. Even though he had private tutors he could not get good marks in school. He was saying that his teachers were not good, that lessons were just boring and so on. The changes have begun after the first body code session and two months later after 6 healing sessions all teachers had to admit that the boy changed and that he became a good student.

The underlying reasons were: grief after death of his father, several heartwall emotions, disconnections between different parts of physical body (especially brain) and energy body (or Spirit body). Some disconnections resulted from physical traumas. The other imbalances included despair anchor, inherited emotional issues imbalances of some organs and endocrine glands.

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