Thursday, 16 August 2012

76 percent of doctors and nurses use complementary and alternative medicine

76 percent of U.S. health care workers, especially doctors and nurses, use complementary and alternative medicine far more than do workers in other fields according to 2007 National Health Interview Survey 
So, what is going on? They know that conventional medicine does not provide good results in many cases such as back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and so on. 
As insiders, health care workers understand what’s missing in conventional medical system. They’re more educated than others about conventional and alternative medicine. 
They know that in many cases conventional medicine can only suppress symptoms, leaving root cause of health issue untouched. And if root cause is not healed then it will create the same or different symptoms soon.

What can do people who are not doctors?
The obvious solution is to use both conventional and alternative medicine - the first will take care about symptoms and emergencies and the second will take care about root causes.

How to do it? How to decide when one should see conventional doctor and when alternative practitioner?

It depends, of course, on a situation. Some people have surgery and then go to alternative medicine practitioner to heal the root cause. Some people take alternative treatment and in many cases they do not need surgery after the treatment. Some people just go directly to alternative practitioner. There are no recommendations - everyone has to make a choice.

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