Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mental Disorders and Energy Medicine

Is there solution for people with mental disorders other than antidepressants or similar medications, which all have side effects?

Can these people return to normal lifestyle?

Practice shows that in many cases Energy Medicine is a good solution without any side effects.

Here’s an example:

Female 86 years old after car accident could not remember her name, address, phone number. She could not recognize her husband, her daughter and after 5 minutes she did not remember whatever she was told. 

Three months after the car accident her daughter decided to try energy medicine.

During the first session I have released destructive entities from her mother and the next morning she recognized her daughter and her husband. 
However her short term memory still did not work properly – she kept forgetting things in a few minutes.

It took her seven more sessions to clear heart wall and to release other imbalances before her short term memory started working better.

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